BLIKOON Technologies LTD

Software Engineer &Tech Lead • Jan, 2016 — Present

Involved in the design of company Software Products from conception to final design. Some of the things I did/do include

  • Initial design of bliboard,set up of initial development environment and oversee further development of the product
  • Initial design of Salama,research on candidate technologies to help meet our goals and oversee further development of the product
  • Team Members Tech Training
  • Build and Version Control System Management
  • Company Linux Server System Administration
  • Tools- Qt Creator,Git, C++,Java,Android Studio,MSV, QMake,Gradle,PHP,MySQL,...

BLIKOON Technologies LTD

Linux System Administrator • Jan, 2016 — Present

Carrying out routine chores of system administration on the company’s remote Linux boxes. Very familiar with servers like Nginx, Ejabberd, Openfire, MySQL, Tomcat, ...My daily routines include

  • Analysis, installation, maintenance and modification of different APIs used by multiple subsystems in the Company
  • Responsible for the evaluation and recommendation of the new hardware and software
  • Interact with the clients to resolve the queries, issues and problems
  • Set up management and maintaining different servers for services like HTTP, XMPP, Storage DBs, …

BLIKOON Technologies LTD

Digital Presence Manager & Tech Trainer • Dec, 2016 — Present

Involved in carving out the digital pathway for Companie's products to the costumer. Some of the things I did/do include

  • Identifying effective channels for the target costumer to know about the products of the company
  • Training Companies and Individuals on varied Technology Topics
  • Designing written and Video Training Material for Company Trainees
  • Design art crafts to promote the products of the company
  • Making written and video training material for bliboard and salama, the main products of the company
  • Initial Design of the Company website and all related resources
  • All kinds of add design chores
  • Tools- Adobe Photoshop , OpenToonz, Blender, Open Broadcast Software ,www.draw.io


System Administrator • Nov, 2014 — Feb, 2016

In charge of the backend for the Messaging platform of the Company. Some of the things I did include

  • Linux system administration chores for our live server. Main servers running being MYSQL , Ejabberd , Tomcat,...
  • Plan and initiate Technology Migrations when necessary
  • Assisting potential clients/customers in integrating our messaging platform
  • Lead and train a small team of developers in accomplishing part of system
  • Code review and constant improvements
  • Build System and Version Control System Management
  • Routine Project Management Chores
  • Tools - Qt,Linux,Java/Android,Git,C++,MYSQL,Ejabberd,...


Software Engineer • Jan, 2013 — Feb, 2014

Part of the team designing the Whiteboard System Software for the Company. Some of the things I did include

  • Adding features and improvements to the existing code base
  • English Technical/Marketing Documentation for the Product
  • Tools - Qt,Qt Creator,C++,Microsoft Visual Studio,...


Beijing Institute of Technology

Masters Degree, Computer Sce and Technology • 2012 — 2015

Beijing Institute of Technology

Bachelors Degree, Electrical Engineering and Automation • 2008 — 2012


Founder & Lead Developer • 2015 — Present

Salama is a lifestyle App that not only let you send instant messages but also connects sellers and buyers.It uses XMPP at the core and uses Java on the Android Platform.

Co-Founder & Lead Developer • 2013 — Present

bliboard is a software product for interactive lesson creation and whiteboarding.It gives teachers and speakers instant access to our large resource base comprising of images and animations that are carefully designed for our main target audiences , kindergarten, primary&secondary schools, college and office or conference meetings.It is writeen in C++ leveleging the Qt Ui toolkit.

Lead Developer Trainer • 2016 — Present

Rooster started out as a simple tutorial on our blog. It quickly gained popularity among people learning to build XMPP chat systems targeting android devices. I find myself giving paid support to many happy learners since then.

Lead Developer&Trainer • 2017 — Present

Following the success of Rooster, I have been getting many email requesting for help and support about such and such feature. That's why I distilled down all that valuable feedback into a PAID video course that any SERISOUS interested learner could pick up and be able to build a smack based instant messenger on android in record time. The course is currently released and AVAILABLE on Udemy.

Lead Developer • 2017 — Present

This library was developed because we needed such a feature in Salama. Now building a library yourself is crasy right ? We built it because we needed to build some business around that technology in some near future. What better way to dive deep in the tech than building a library for that tech! Salama uses this library already and we are getting some early adpters using it now.

Lead Developer • 2017 — Present

This project started out as my go place in android development for two things

  • Brushing up on what I need to do for some task at hand
  • Documenting a new trick/feature I just learned about
It turned out into a reference for new people in our company. We hope some other people/companies find it helpful.


Linux Server Administration

Have been managing live linux servers for 3+ years. Familiar with computer network concepts, CCNA holder in the past. Strives for clean and easy to maintain setups.

Software Development

Have been building desktop Software using Qt/C++ for 5+ years and native android Apps for nearly 3 years using Java/Android.Some of these software products are currently on the market and battle tested.I am very fluent in Qt/C++ and Java/Android and all the tooling around these technologies. I can help you or your company do the following

  • Build cross platform,commercial grade desktop software using Qt/C++. Any software project in the range of bliboard. You can see it in action here
  • Any native android App in the range of Salama
  • Train you or your company on XMPP Instant Messaging related technologies

Spoken Languages

  • English- Working Proficiency
  • French- Working Proficiency
  • Chinese- Working Proficiency

Technical Training

I have been carrying out training for individuals and small companies on Software Technologies both locally and remotely for nearly 3 years.Some of my training content is publicly available on our website , github and youtube.

Outside Interests

  • Open Source Software.
  • Guitar.
  • Other cultures&Passive Quora.

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