Daniel Gakwaya

Experienced Software Developer · Writer · Online Instructor.

Software Developer since 2012. Trainer and mentor in the field of Software Development. Strong command of English, French and Chinese. Good Tech Communicator and eager to learn and try out new technologies. Writes cross platform C++ graphics applications using Qt and XMPP instant messaging solutions for desktop and mobile almost daily. Copes well in Multi-cultural environments.


Software Engineer . Tech Lead

Blikoon Technologies LTD

Involved in the design of company Software Products from conception to final design. Assessing and introducing new technologies for the company. Training junior developers joining the company. Mainly working in C++, Java, Html 5. Using different frameworks where necessary.

January 2016 - Present

Online Instructor

Blikoon Technologies

Creating online courses in software development technologies learnt through out my carreer. Currently have video courses out on GUI development using Qt,C++ and QML and using XMPP to build instant messaging apps for Android. My courses are hosted on udemy , learnqt and blikoon

December 2017 - Present

Software Enginner


Lead developer of the whiteboard system of the company at the time. The product was written using mainly the Qt framework using C++. Managing the build system and version control for the product. Tech adviser and involved in the development of the instant messaging side of one of the companie's product for android. Mainly working in C++, Java/Android on Windows and Linux at the time

December 2014 - December 2015

Junior C++ Software Engineer


Mainly working in C++ working on the whiteboard system product of the company at the time.Tools : C++, Qt, MSVC,Git

March 2013 - November 2014


Beijing Institute of Technology

Masters Degree
Computer Sce and Technology
September 2012 - February 2015

Beijing Institute of Technology

Bachelors Degree
Electrical Engineering and Automation
September 2008 - July 2012



Founder & Lead Developer
Salama is a lifestyle App that not only let you send instant messages but also connects sellers and buyers.It uses XMPP at the core and uses Java on the Android Platform.
May 2015 - Present

Bliboard Smart whiteboard System

Co Founder & Lead Developer
bliboard is a software product for interactive lesson creation and whiteboarding.It gives teachers and speakers instant access to our large resource base comprising of images and animations that are carefully designed for our main target audiences , kindergarten, primary&secondary schools, college and office or conference meetings.It is writeen in C++ leveleging the Qt Ui toolkit.
December 2013 - Present


Instructor and Developer
Rooster started out as a simple tutorial on our blog. It quickly gained popularity among people learning to build XMPP chat systems targeting android devices. I find myself giving paid support to many happy learners since then.
February 2016 - Present

Android QR Code Scanner Library

This library was developed because we needed such a feature in Salama. Now building a library yourself is crasy right ? We built it because we needed to build some business around that technology in some near future. What better way to dive deep in the tech than building a library for that tech! Salama uses this library already and we are getting some early adpters using it now..
February 2017 - Present

Ubufundi Android Cheat Sheet

This project started out as my go place in android development for two things
  • Brushing up on what I need to do for some task at hand
  • Documenting a new trick/feature I just learned about
It turned out into a reference for new people in our company. We hope some other people/companies find it helpful.
February 2017 - Present


Programming Languages,Frameworks & Tools
  • Languages - C/C++, Java, Python, PHP, Bash
  • Web - Javascript, PHP, HTML5, Bootstrap, REST, Wordpress
  • Desktop(Cross Platform) - Qt, Qt Creator, MSVC, GCC
  • Mobile(Android) - Java-Android SDK
  • System Administration - Linux, Nginx, MySQL, Ejabberd, Openfire,Prosody,Bash
  • Other - XML, SQLite
  • Networking - TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, XMPP, HTTP, TLS
  • Systems - Linux, Windows, Android
Spoken Languages
  • English- Working Proficiency
  • French- Working Proficiency
  • Chinese- Working Proficiency


  • Open Source Software
  • Music - Guitar
  • Geopolitics (US-RUSSIA-CHINA)
  • Reading about other cultures( mainly on Quora)